If I Am So Smart, Why Am I Still In Pain?



You are smart, intuitive and perceptive.

Logical and analytical.

You know how to bring disparate pieces of information together to come up with solutions.

But you have pain and other symptoms that are Just.Not.Going.Away.

You have done the work, and yes, you have had some relief.

You do feel stronger... in some ways.

There are improvements, sort of, in your flexibility.

But any release or relief you have experienced has only been temporary.

The long-term healing you seek remains seemingly elusive.

You Are Not One To Be Resigned, But You Have Considered That Maybe This Is What Happens For Someone Over 40... Maybe You Need To Adjust Your Life to Deal with This.

That Is Not True. Your Body Can Change. No Matter Your Age. No Matter Your Condition

But here is the thing...

A key reason your symptoms keep returning is because you are paying attention to the wrong thing.

This is not your fault.

Most of the time when health care professionals provide exercises or movements they give you photocopied pages with the number of sets and reps.

They might say, “this movement or exercise is good for your back” (You can insert any pain symptoms or body part. Shoulder, hip, arthritis glutes, etc).

But they often won’t tell you the “why” behind the movement, or even “how” to do the movement.

(By the way, when I talk to health care professionals about this, they will tell me that their clients/patients don’t want to know the why. I don’t agree with them)

So it makes sense that your symptoms don’t change long term. You aren’t paying attention to the very things that will enable that long term change.

​Transforming modern pain psychology into something more human.

"Susi has succeeded in transforming modern pain psychology into something more human. As a kinesiologist, she has deep fluency using movement as a therapeutic tool; however, any practitioner knows that true healing requires more than just the rigid application of a bio-medical model. Susi’s technique uses movement as an “in” to the complex interplay between the physical, psychological and spiritual dimensions of pain. As a doctor with a growing interest in Integrative Medicine, her teachings have been particularly helpful in managing patients suffering from pain and chronic disease."

​-​​ Jennifer, Medical Doctor

Solving The Problem That Actually Exists

Many people think that the symptoms they are experiencing are the problem to solve.

Get rid of the symptoms and all will be good.

In early stages of pain, this is often true.

But with persistent symptoms of pain, our bodies and brains find ways to compensate.

These compensations work for the short term, but over the longer term, they create more weakness and instability.

Which leads to more compensation.

By only addressing the symptoms, you are only solving for the top level issue.

You aren't solving for the actual issue.

When you solve for the actual issue, your pain symptoms will reduce and eradicate for longer and longer durations.


This Is Where I Can Help

Over more than 25 years, I have worked with thousands of people who have tried “everything”. They have techniques, tools, exercise programs. They have tried strengthening, stretching and stabilizing.

They have had some relief, but not long standing relief.

When I teach them what to focus on - when I teach them the “how” and the “why” of what they are doing - they break through the barrier and get better much faster.

My fundamental belief is that you already naturally know how to do this.

Your body has already demonstrated it can have relief.

It just hasn't been shown how to have sustainable relief.

You just haven’t been taught the “how” and “why”.

You haven't been shown where you compensate.

When you know the “how” and the “why”, when you can recognize your compensation patterns, you and your body will naturally connect the dots.

You will see and know exactly what to do.

What I am offering is one of the most collaborative processes out there

You bring me your symptoms, you tell me what you have already done that has worked and not worked, and I will help you connect the dots to create a more sustainable solution.

And if you are working with other health care professionals, I will help you get the most from them, and integrate their information.

It is just a matter of pulling it all together.

All those disparate pieces of information so that you can get to where you want to go, and get back to living the life you want to live.

Bringing together your experience, and your innate understanding of your body, with my expertise and knowledge, you will be able to put to rest, once and for all the following question... IF I AM SO SMART, WHY AM I STILL IN PAIN?

You will be able to take your life off of hold.

"Susi is an exceptional coach. If you want to work with one of the best, if you want to work with someone who really wants you to succeed, if you want to work with someone who truly walks the walk and talks the talk, work with Susi. She really knows what she is doing."

- ​Loreen, Operations Manager

Here Are The Details


  • • This is a group series which runs for 4 weeks
  • • Wednesday November 1-29, 2021

Prior to Beginning:

  • • We will send you health forms to fill out. Please send them prior to beginning so we know what is going on for you.
  • • We will also set up your consult call with Susi or one of her yoga therapists (who are also a Physical Therapist or Kinesiologist).

Live Teaching Calls (these calls will be recorded so you can back them):

  • • We’ll meet once a week for 60 minutes - Zoom meeting style.
  • • We'll work through a whole series of exercises to teach you what to focus on, where to focus and the "how" and "why" of movements and techniques. You will see where you compensate.

Summary of Insights and Supportive Practices:

  • • You'll get a brief summary of insights that arise or were discovered during the class.
  • • You will receive pre-recorded weekly practices that go deeper into the “why” and “how”.

Applying Your Learning:

  • • The goal is to practice what you are learning. This is where change happens. Where you begin to see that pain can reduce longer term and as a result, depletion is optional, rest is deliberate and success is inevitable.

Additional Support - Getting Your Questions Answered:

  • • We'll be available throughout the month to answer your questions.
  • • My team - who I have trained as yoga therapists - who are also physical therapists and kinesiologists are available to you for consultation.

No Risk To You:

  • On behalf of my team, I am confident that we can help you. So much so, that I am offering you a 100% refund if this process doesn’t work.

  • We are all in.

  • Our assumption is that if you register, you are all in. All you need to do is watch the calls - either live or by recording - watch the pre-recorded modules, email us with questions. If you can honestly tell us you did everything, we’ll give you a refund at the end of the 4 weeks.

If I'm So Smart, Why Am I Still in Pain?

Early Bird Pricing is $499 CAD until October 24, 2021.

After that regular pricing resumes at $549 CAD.

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These videos will always be available for you, so you can come back and review the teachings ​whenever you want. ​You’ll also receive new lessons and updates as they are added. ​

​​This Online Program is For You If...

  • You have had some relief, but this relief is only temporary

  • You are ready for a collaborative relationship. You are ready to work closely together. In this case 1+1 = 3. Together we are stronger.

  • You want less fluff and more therapeutic benefits, so you can move with more ease, strength and stamina.

  • You are ready for some usable techniques and tools to change, harness and channel your strengths effectively.

This Online Program is Not For You If...

  • ​If you don’t think change is possible. It is really challenging to create change if you don’t believe change is possible.

  • If you think that the health professional is supposed to fix you. A healing relationship is a two way street. You have innate expertise, my team has innate expertise. The best gains are when we work together.

  • If you are ​not willing to learn or do the exercises. ​To make a change, you ​will need to follow the concepts that are taught. It won't take a lot of time, but it will require a sustained commitment.

  • ​If your schedule is packed from morning to night, this may not be the right fit at this moment.

I am Susi Hately, Your Instructor

I have a BSC. Kinesiology and have helped 1000s of people reduce and eradicate pain for over 25 years. I am known as a bridge between the medical world and yoga.​ helping client connect the dots and creating unique results.

Two of my yoga programs (yoga for cancer recovery and yoga for idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis) have been studied at ​the University of Calgary and both showed benefits for supporting people and their wellbeing.

I blend the time tested principles of biomechanics, anatomy, neurology and cognitive science, with the ancient wisdom of yoga to help my clients gain awareness and clarity on what the real problem is.

I help them do what they do best - pull together disparate pieces of information and solve problems.

I have worked with C-Suite executives, 6 and 7 figure entrepreneurs, Olympic Luge and Speed Skating teams, elite-level basketball players, skiers, and runners. My clients are active or have been active, they have had some relief, but not consistent or long term change. ​​This is why they sought me out.

​Check Out What Others Are Saying About ​​Working With Susi...

Jessica reduced her pain on day one of working with me. Two months later, she was back running 10 k.

"Susi provides a space where there is permission to feel, to make mistakes and to figure it out. I knew I was not my condition, but this is next level - I got to explore the ME who happens to have a condition... I slowed down and really started to feel and did just what I needed to do. And the pain just kept reducing. Now, I simply pay attention to my body. I now know what feels good for me and what feels good for my body and my mind... I feel much more free."

Cathy got off of morphine and a host of other medications.

"I realized that all of my pain could go away. If I could change my movement patterns, I could change it all. And I did. As a health professional, I now teach my clients what Susi taught me. It is amazing."

Sarah got to a source of her Anxiety.

"I've always had control of my Anxiety. In fact, it has made me a better planner, and very good at controlling as much of my environment as I could. Through what I did with Susi, I realized that my control was actually gripping, and the gripping was felt all through my body. When I could start to release the grip, I began to shift my Anxiety. 6 months later, the Anxiety is so much less, and my body, much like my mind, is more at ease."

​​​Is "If I Am So Smart Why Am I Still In Pain?" right for me?


You are smart, intuitive and perceptive. You know how to bring disparate pieces of information together to form a solution. You know there are gaps in your knowledge and want help to uncover how your brain and your body can work better together.


You will work with Susi and her team to help you uncover what is under your awareness, and how to connect so that you can make more sustainable gains. You already know some of what works and what doesn’t. Let us help you connect the dots so your gains are more long standing.




You only need 10 minutes per day. You can practice longer if you want, but 10 minutes will get you started.


Yes. Many clients who work with Susi have not ever practiced yoga.


Yes. You will gain some incredible tools to support your clients who are in pain and want to get out of pain. It is even better if you have persistent issues of pain, and want to resolve them. A more embodied experience will enable you to get better results as a yoga teacher, yoga therapist, or other health professional.


This is not for people who think a health professional’s job is to fix them. This is a collaborative process and there will be back and forth dialogue. You need to be willing to explore and be curious about your body and your brain to recover.


Yes. Many of Susi’s clients do not live in North America.


Yes, for this program I offer 100% money back. All I ask is you provide 100% effort for the duration of the 4 weeks.

This means:

  • You watch the videos for each week (ie. not binge watch them)
  • You explore what I offer from a curious mindset.
  • If there are questions or comments, you email us in the first week (week of Nov 1) to get questions answered or issues clarified.
  • You book a zoom call with one of our trainers (a yoga therapist who is also a physical therapist or kinesiologist)
  • If you are not getting results in the first week, you email us and let us know in the first week (the week of November 1).

We are all in. We want you to be all in. This is a collaborative process that can provide great rewards when working together.


You can email us here.

​We Can't Wait To Roll Out The Welcome (Yoga) Mat For You!

If I'm So Smart, Why Am I Still in Pain?

Early Bird Pricing is $499 CAD until October 24, 2021.

After that regular pricing resumes at $549 CAD.

Click below to register for this program.

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