14 Day Rest + Revitalization Sleep Meditation


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When it comes to recovery and healing, I believe there is a conversation under the conversation. Where the obvious - in your face conversation - are the symptoms. And then there is the deeper conversation... where wisdom resides.

My programs are designed to help you better understand your body and your brain, so you can slow down and listen to the wisdom inside. By meeting your body & brain where they are at, you can open up doors to healing that you might otherwise have thought were closed.

Stop, Rest, Breathe, Connect.

Custom designed specifically for my clients, students and trainees, you won't find this anywhere else. And it is super easy.

Plug it in before bed, when you wake up, or whenever works for you. Grab a blanket, pillow, lay down or sit down, settle in, and close your eyes. Let us guide you into rest and relaxation.

This process is such a lovely way for people to connect and tend to their bodies and brains. To nurture, replenish, and refill. To rest and rejuvenate.

Each recording is between 10 - 40 minutes long. Super easy to follow.

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And if you love it and want to join the Sleep Meditation training this fall, we'll apply your fee paid as a credit to your Sleep Meditation training fee.


Anne and Susi XO

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