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May 25 at 11 A.M. MDT

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So many people complain about knee pain, leg pain, heaviness in their knees.

And if they practice yoga they struggle with standing knee bends necessary for Warrior 1 and 2, and the balance needed for Tree or Warrior 3.

To the point where they just say "F*%# it" and decide they can't do those poses anymore.

But what if those poses were possible... with less pain, less strain and much more strength?

I am Susi Hately. I have a B.Sc. Kinesiology and I have been using yoga therapy for over 25 years to help people eradicate pain and training teachers and health professionals how to get the same results as I do

Last week I ran a workshop specifically on how the Lower Gluteus Maximus Fibers play such an important role in how your knees, hips and the whole leg feels and functions. It went so well, and people asked us to run it again.

Here Are Some Comments From Participants:

It is all based on my own teaching experience over the past 6 months where I have been stunned with how quickly my clients have made gains when they increase their focus on the lower fibers of the gluteus maximus.

And yes, I am being very specific.

I am not referring to the full gluteus maximus, I am focusing on the lower fibers of the glutes.

And when I can integrate better function of the lower fibers into full body movement pattern it is amazing what happens:

  • better balance

  • better posture

  • less arthritic knee and hip pain

  • less back pain

  • easier shoulders

  • more effective quad engagement

  • faster recovery from total hip and knee surgery

  • quicker tempo and more agility in my older pickleball players

  • smoother and better coordination for my steep skiing and powder skiers

  • more glide and ease in my cross country skiers

  • more effortless running

The key is understanding how the lower glute fibers contribute; and then integrating that information into overall movement patterns. And I will show you exactly how I do this!

The Power in the Lower Glutes (Gluteus Maximus, that is) workshop is happening on the following dates:

MAY 25 from 11-12 P.M. MDT

One hour, $17 CAD -- Yes - $17.

And yes, there will be a recording.

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