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When you think of the arm pits, I am guessing the word "power" doesn't come to mind.

(well maybe if there is an odour perhaps... but I digress)

I am serious though. When you look closely at the muscles and fascia that make up the pits, it is remarkable how they impact strength, stability and mobility.

Especially when there is careful and compassionate attention to the unwinding and releasing.

I've been pleasantly surprised at how I could help unwind this area so easily and effectively.

Not only did my client's pain and strain at the neck, shoulder and jaw reduce, so did the pain and strain of their:

  • psoas
  • quadratus lumborum
  • si joints
  • piriformis
  • feet

It's pretty cool. You can imagine the changes in symptoms and better function.

But not only that.

As a result of integrating what happens with the pits with the rest of the body, I've seen significant positive changes with

  • carpal tunnel syndrome, wrist and elbow issues
  • headaches
  • jaw issues
  • back issues
  • rotator cuff issues
  • hip issues, and
  • even the knees

I have also seen my clients gain:

  • better breathing
  • quieter mind
  • more effortless running, walking, hiking, tennis, pickleball
  • stronger deadlifts, shoulder and pec press, chin-ups
  • more ease picking up the kids/grandkids

So you won't be the least bit surprised that I will be sharing what I am seeing with my clients so you can do it for yourself and if you are a teacher with your own clients.

I am running a CA$19 workshop to teach about the musculature, the fascial and functional connections and the game changing experience you can have in your body.

The Power in the Pits workshop is available for unlimited replay.

One hour, CA$19 -- Yes -- $19.

And yes, there will be a recording.

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